well-seasoned DESIGN & STRATEGY that taps into the character within individuals and organizations to create premium visual identities and experiences

Sugar & Grits partners with shift starters, tastemakers and leading organizations and startups looking to cultivate, engage and move our culture forward. I create brands, campaigns, websites, online experiences, and much more by combining your vision with my expertise to get you there.

My consulting agency is committed  to helping you achieve your goals through purpose-driven design and strategy. I specialize in effective and creative solutions to maximize the impact you desire and beyond. My work is obsessed with changing the conversation and committed to moving the needle forward.

Your brand is more than a statement


No matter if you’re kick-starting a new project, reviving existing ones and/or introducing a new service, I create experiences to elevate your brand by combining design and strategy.  I will help your audience become believers in your brand.


In this crowded space we call the Internet, content is KING! Everyone is competing for viral content, clicks, shares and Likes without being authentic. I will help you tell your story and connect it to the people who need to hear it the most.

Made with TASTE

It’s a no-brainer; functional websites are now a non-negotiable. I do not just make your site pretty, but go beyond to ensure you can grow your audience and inspire them to take action.

Now it’s your turn

I have had the opportunity to partner with some of the best out there to create award-winning brands and campaigns.

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